Early Unrevealed Signs Of Pregnancy

Here we'll be going through the most in-depth signs and symptoms that come up during the dreaded (and exciting) "two-week wait", or maybe just a two-week wondering. Earliest pregnancy signs 101. Four weeks and 3 days...4 days...5...6... it seems that the time slows down after you get that positive.

Although what if you are still in between conception and the result?

Have you read most early pregnancy signs and still feel like you want something more to reassure you?

Keep reading and you'll find the most reliable and realistic early pregnancy signs. How do I know?

This is based through *intensive* research, consultation and a large majority of unshared experiences. Each human life could be seen as an experiment, and whilst science does a pretty damn good job, if I do say so myself, this topic is definitely not perfected. Which seems a bit crazy due to everyone needing a womb to come through in order to be here. Well, as far as I know...

Let's get straight into it.

Here are the absolute earliest and most reliable pregnancy signs:

Let's get into it.

Here are the absolute earliest and most reliable pregnancy signs:

  1. Gas/extra air: This could be one of the most reliable and earliest symptoms. Upon conception, there are many women that experience extra air bubbles as a symptom immediately (especially and mostly if you are aware of your cycle and are aware that you could get pregnant). No - implantation hasn't happened yet. Though, it is all a part of a cycle and it is proven that woman can feel the semen going through the Fallopian tubes with less resistance (study articles linked at the bottom). This can result in air coming from the vagina after the conception session. This can also feel like a type of cramping, twinge or fluttering.

  2. Sex feels different:

  3. A "feeling": Yes, a "feeling" could be nebulous and very unreliable - especially if you're hoping for a baby. The mind can definitely skew what your authentic feelings are saying. Although this is the third because most women say they notice a different feeling after the conception, which is ongoing.

  4. Strange pains: This has been shown to connect to an energetic association that goes on (mostly) subconsciously. In order to create something deliberate, it is thought of first. This "thought" is always dependent on experience. If you have a negative/positive association, it will make an impact! I'll elaborate. Here's an example: Your home life doesn't give one another hugs, and it is taught that hugs are meant for romantic gestures. Versus an experience of growing up with hugs being normal and a way to express giving affection. Versus another experience of growing up with hugs being used as a manipulative tactic, always offered in return for something. Each of these experiences will create contrasting responses when someone comes over for a hug, depending on the experience that the individual has had. In this comparison, early pregnancy signs can show up in the body through cramping in your foot, itching on your neck, a nosebleed, and many of the other symptoms you hear about.

  5. Waves: Some sort of waves will likely begin to become obvious. Horniness, emotion, sleepiness, light nausea, cramps, dizziness, to name a few. These will come and go from early on. You'll most likely experience one of these things, even if it is very subtle and only happens twice.

  6. Common but specific: There are some very reliable websites out there that claim you will definitely feel or experience certain symptoms. Let me smash that... or... lightly grind it. It isn't invalid, it is just very misleading. There are so many women that never experience that, and I'm a big fan of acknowledging the majority while being aware that there is still the rest of the pie! So here are some of the "most common" symptoms with a sprinkle of some attentiveness to include more experiences.

a. Breast changes:

b. Discharge:

c. Bleeding:

d. Bloating:

e. Peeing:

f. Cravings

g. Hunger changes

h. Hormone changes (emotion, acne, odor, etc)

i. Runny nose

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Here are the scientific articles: