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Do Not Leave Ecuador before trying this.

Quito to Santo Domingo, Baños de Agua Santa to Cuenca... to Vilcabamba!

We arrived in Ecuador with plans to potentially stay for good - that might not be you. We still have not decided on the final verdict because we are still exploring! This is a bonus for the readers because the longer we explore, the more we have to report. One major thing we have noticed... keep your eyes open for dog poop. We will be the reporters to let you know where it got in the way, or if it wasn't as much of a bother.

"Keep your eyes open for dog poop."


This is where many and most traveller's of Ecuador begin. From here you have the option to go in any direction - and like many Ecuadorians say about their beloved country, you can find a completely different type of lifestyle 3 hours in any direction. Amazon, city, mountains, beach, to name the main types of areas.

Quito gives you city mixed with a mountainesque feel. When we arrived in late October (2021) we were surprised by a raging hail storm that lasted about an hour. Yes, huge ice pelts flying down from the sky... in Ecuador. Since then, never again. Other than that, our time in Quito lasted for a few months and gave us consistent weather of sunshine in the day time and cooling down to 10-15 Celsius (50-60 Fahrenheit) at night.


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