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These 5 Extremely Early Pregnancy Signs Are Newly Uncovered In 2023 - 16 Total - Your Best Source

Four weeks and two days... three... four... five... it seems that the time slows down after you get that positive.

Although - what if you are still in between conception and the result?

Have you read-up on early pregnancy signs and still feel like you want something more to reassure and help you know?

Below we reveal the most reliable and realistic and earliest pregnancy signs.

The list below is based on a large majority of private experiences sourced through large groups of women, research studies, and personal consultations.

Each human life could be seen as an experiment, and whilst science alone is doing a pretty thorough job, this topic is definitely not perfected (yet). Which seems a bit crazy due to the fact that every human so far has needed a woman in order to exist - as far as I know.

Let's get right into it.

Here are the absolute earliest and most reliable pregnancy signs revealed in January 2023:

1. Chemical Reaction:

This could be one of the most reliable and earliest symptoms: Gas. Upon conception, there are many women that experience feeling extra air bubbles as a symptom immediately (especially and mostly if you are aware of your cycle) - no - implantation hasn't happened yet.

It is all a part of a cycle, and it is now proven that woman have the ability to feel the semen pass through the fallopian tubes with lesser resistance.

This can often result in air involuntarily coming from the vagina after the intimacy session. This can also manifest as a type of cramping, twinge or fluttering in your uterine area.

2. Rushes:

Early hormonal spikes and dips will likely begin to become obvious within the first few days of conception. Certain reactions may seem to sneak up on you by feeling heightened, or lower than usual.

The most mentioned: Emotional regulation, sexual desire, energy level, appetite changes, spasms/cramps, and change in blood pressure resulting in light headedness or headaches.

If you are noticing or experience any of these they will likely come and go early on, even if it is very subtle.

3. Sex:

Generally, if you revisit "the bedroom" within the seven days after conception, sex has been shown to feel notably different.

The most reported symptoms are: Less pleasure, discomfort, or some degree of pain (and the sooner the intimacy, the more accuracy has been shown in correlation).

4. Ghost Pains:

I believe that this name is appropriate because this symptom has been shown to reveal an energetic and subconscious association with the body and mind.

As far as we know, in order to create something in this world it must be thought-of first. The impact begins when the association meets the thought.

To elaborate: Compare a household that doesn't give one another hugs; A household that believes hugs are a natural way to express giving affection; And a household using hugs only as a manipulative tactic.

The people having these experiences will have drastically different subconscious associations with hugging. Their reactions will not only show up through emotions, but also through the physiological response in the body - seemingly unbeknownst to them.

Early pregnancy signs can appear in the body through cramping in your foot, itching on your neck, a nosebleed, and many of the other "strange" symptoms that you may discover.

The reason behind this is based on personal associations, and it wouldn't be surprising if you began to notice a new itch or aching that persists for you that has not yet been reported on by others.

5. Common:

There are some trusted websites out there that unfortunately claim you will definitely feel or experience a certain symptom.

This isn't invalid, it is just very misleading. There are so many women that never experience certain common symptoms, and I'm a big fan of acknowledging the majority - whilst still being aware that there are still more parts to the pie!

Below are some of the most common symptoms with a sprinkle of some attentiveness to include more experiences.

- Breast changes

- Discharge

- Implantation Bleeding

- Bloating

- Frequent Peeing

- Gassiness

- Bleeding/Swollen Gums

- Hot Flashes/Sweat

- Tiredness

- Cravings

- Weird Dreams

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